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About Us

Great Products are built by Great Teams

AlphaDevs is a group of like-minded people working towards the goal of leveraging technology to make the world around them better.Our team consists of people with a variety of skills, ranging from software development to IoT, AI etc. Putting the same skills to use has yielded us a good track record in number of events and competitions as well.

Now to make a bigger impact, we have decided to take up more challenging tasks and have as of now completed few major industry projects as well. With our determination and out of box innovative thinking we hope to help you leverage your resources to their fullest by means by software and technology.

Founding team

Rohan Mujoo

Data Science and Business Analyst

Data Science/Business Analyst, with proficiency in Python. Rohan’s design thinking capabilities mixed with his knack for numbers are best suited for handling all data centric analytical tasks.

Yash Chauhan

Design Thinker and Robotics

Yash is a very innovative thinker with hands on experience in research and development of robotics and is highly capable at blending his structural and robotics skills to produce astounding results.

Arpit Kushwaha

Android & Backend Developer

Arpit is a highly skilled and talented developer having command over a variety of skills. His speed and efficiency while developing an app or a product or handling server-client requests, is what sets him apart from his peers.

People who have mentored us through our journey

Kaushik Roy

Project Management Mentor

A great mentor and responsible for managing and guiding the teammates through the ups and downs of a project, whilst being a highly skilled Project Manager with hands on experience in Java & IoT.

Hitesh Subnani

Tech Mentor

A highly proficient developer, who is always at the forefront for helping out with any and all technical queries one might face. Besides that, he is experienced in a multitude of technologies including, but not limited to data science and web development with excellent NodeJs skills.

Pratik Verma

Design Mentor

Pratik has a keen eye for aesthetics and is acquainted with a multitude of design tools. He has hands on experience in UI/UX developement and has worked in this field for quite a while. With all the experience and nifty UI/UX tricks up his sleeve, he is the perfect guide for all UI/UX related tasks.

People Who Joined us Along for the Ride

Hiten Soni

Senior UI/UX Developer

Hiten is an exceptional front end developer with a keen sense of designing and aesthetics.

Atul Bhardwaj

Senior Back-End Developer

Atul is a very dedicated and hardworking back end developer, with a good command over JS/ NodeJS.

Priyansh Khandelwal

UI/UX Developer

Priyansh is a Talented graphics designer, with exceptional designing and typography skills.

Mukesh Bagariya

Android Developer

Mukesh is a proficient android developer, and has good command over a diverse tech stack.